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The crawler crane is also an equipment used in project sites from large mall and high-rise building projects to small ones such as roadways. PT. Tobamix Ferrumindo has a selection of Zoomlion crawler cranes for your perusal and requirement(s).


Founded in 1992, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in developing and manufacturing major high-tech equipment in the areas of engineering industry and agricultural industry.

With more than 20 years of innovation and development, the company is now a global enterprise possessing 10 major categories and 55 product lines, as well as nearly 460 leading products. Zoomlion is China's first construction machinery company to be listed on both Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges, with registered capital amounting to RMB 7.664 billion.

The crawler crane is one of the many frequently used products in the construction industry. This is especially so in Indonesia, where there are many projects involving a large and broad land space which demands the usage of the crawler crane. Currently, we are one of the agents who are authorized to sell Zoomlion crawler crane. A wide selection is available for sale depending on the requirement of the project and/or customer.

Max. lifting capacity on heavy duty boom(S)/RadiusWithout D and B t × m450 × 6 
With D and B m500 × 12 
Length of heavy duth boom(S)Without D and B m24-90 
With D and B m36-96 
Length of light duty boom(SL)Without D and B m48-108 
With D and B m78-126 
Dead weight of crane with basis boomm370 
Length of luffing jib(W)m28-84 
Max.lifting capacity on luffing jibWithout D and B t × m190 × 13 
With D and B t × m235 × 16 
Boom angle when luffing jib is used65,75,85 
Max. length of heavy duty boom withWithout D and B m60+72 
With D and B m84+84 
SLHS boomMain boom m84-108 
Wind plant jib m7 
Max.lifting capacity t×m126×16 
Single rope speed of winchesHoisting winch 1m/min0-137 
Hoisting winch 20-137 
Main boom derricking winch0-50 
Luffing jib derricking winch0-123 
Superlift derricking winch0-143 
Hoisting winch 30-109 
Slewing speedrpm


Traveling speedkm/h0-1.0 
Ground pressureMpa0.139 
Transport dimensions of basic machinemm12180×3345×3205Without A-frame 
Max.transport weight of single piece 48.6 
EngineRated power / rotational    speedkW/r/min360/1800 
Output torque /rotational    speedNm/r/min2200/1300
Exhaust emission EU Stufe 3A
Distance between track    center × crawler contact length × crawler widthmm8000 ×9800×1350 

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Maximum lifting capacity × radiust × m260 × 5 
Deadweight of crane with basic boomt210 
Length of main boomS-boom lengthm20-83 
SL-boom lengthm86-95 
F-jib lengthm12-30 
Max.lifting capacity on fixed jibt34 
F-jib angle10,30 
Max. length of heavy duty boom with fixed jibm77+30 
W-jib Length m21-60 
Max. lifting capacity on luffing jibt73.5 
S-boom angle( for SW boom configuration)65-85 
Max. length of heavy duty boom with luffing jibm62+60 
Single rope speed of winchesHoisting winch 1m/min130on the 6th rope layer
Hosting winch 2m/min120on the 6th rope layer
Main boom derricking winchm/min80× 2on the 6th rope layer
Slewing speedrpm0-1.2 
Traveling speedkm/h0-1.0 
Ground pressureMPa0.115 
Transport weight of max.single unitt32Excluding  hoisting winches,titling-back support of main boom.A-frame and derricking mechanism
Rear counterweightt83.7 
Central counteweightt32 
EngineManufacturer US Cummins 
Rated power/rotational speedKw/rpm227/2000 
Max. output torque/rotational speedNm/rpm1505/1400 
Emission standard U.S.EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage III A 
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Maximum lifting capacity × radiust × m130 × 4.5 
Maximum lifting momentt × m661.5 
Deadweight of crane with basic boomt113.8 
Length of main boomm19-73 
Length of fixed jibm13-31 
Maximum lifting capacity with fixed jibt13 
Fixed jib angle10,30 
Maximum length of main boom + fixed jibm55+31,58+25,61+19 
Single rope speed of winchesMain winch(hoisting winch 1)m/min105Outermost layer of drum
Auxiliary Winch(hosting winch 2)) m/min93Outermost layer of drum
derricking winchm/min52Outermost layer of drum
Slewing speedr/min0-2.2 
Traveling speedkm/h0~1.3 
Ground pressureMPa0.1 
Overall dimensions(L × W × H)m9.55×6.5×3.2Without A-frame and boom frame
EngineRated power/rotational speedKw/rpm209/2000 
Max. output torque/rotational speedNm/rpm1424/1400
Exhaust emission standard U.S.EPA Tier 3
Distance between track center × crawler contact length × crawler shoe widthmm5600×6850×900 
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Max. lifting capacity ×    radiust × m55×3.7 
Max. lifting capacity on    fixed jibt5.5 
Max. lifting capacity of    luffing jibt12 
Main boom lengthm13 - 52 
Fixed jib lengthm6 - 15 
Max. length of main boom    with fixed jibt43+15 
Luffing jib lengthm16m-28m 
Max. main boom +max.    luffing jibm40mm+28mm 
Derricking angle30 - 80 
Fixed jib angle10,30 
Max. rope  speed
     of winches
Hoisting winch 1m/min125/100With optional free-fall function
Hoisting winch 2125 
Derricking winch80 
Slewing speedrpm


Traveling speedkm/h0-1.6 
Max. gradeability%30With basic boom and    counterweight over front
Ground pressureMpa0.068 
Deadweightt50.5With basic boom
Crane counterweightt17.5 
Overall dimensions(L × W    × H)m12800×4600(3300)×3120With A-frame and main    boom pivot section
EngineModel WP6G190E26Manufacturer:Weichai Power CO, Ltd.
Rated power / rotational    speedkW/r/min140/1900
Max. output torque /rotational    speedNm/r/min830/1300
Exhaust emission National StageⅡ
Distance between track    center × crawler contact length × crawler widthmm2540 ×5000×760Crawler carrier    retracted
3840 ×5000×760Crawler carrier    extended 
NoiseNoise level outside    operator’s cab during operation(dB)≤107 
Noise level in    operator’s cab during operation≤85 
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Maximum lifting capacity × radiust × m180 × 5 
Deadweight of crane with basic boomt167 
Length of main boomHeavy duty boomm20-83 
Light duty boomm86-92 
Length of fixed jibm13-31 
Maximum lifting capacity with fixed jibt22 
Fixed jib angle10,30 
Maximum length of main boom + fixed jibm71+31Length of main boom 47-71
Length of luffing jibm24-51 
Maximum lifting capacity with luffing jibt38 
Working angle of main boom in crane operation with luffing jib85,75,65 
Maximum length of main boom + luffing jibm56+51Length of main boom 38-56
Single rope speed of winchesMain winch(hoisting winch 1)m/min110Sixth layer of drum
Auxiliary Winch(hosting winch 2)) m/min110Sixth layer of drum
derricking winchm/min30Fifth layer of drum
Slewing speedrpm1.4 
Traveling speedkm/h1.2 
Ground pressureMPa0.1 
Overall dimensions(L × W × H)m10.6×7.1×3.65Without A-frame and boom frame
EngineRated power/rotational speedKw/rpm227/2000QSL9-C305
Max. output torque/rotational speedNm/rpm1505/1400 
Exhaust emission standard U.S.EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3 
Distance between track center × crawler contact length × crawler shoe widthmm6000×7750×1100 
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Max. lifting capacity ×    radiust × m80×4 
Max. lifting capacity on    fixed jibt7 
Max. lifting capacity of    luffing jibt15 
Main boom lengthm13 - 58 
Fixed jib lengthm6 - 18 
Max. length of main boom    with fixed jibt49+18 
Luffing jib lengthm16m-34m 
Max. main boom +max.    luffing jibm43.5m+34m 
Derricking angle30 - 80 
Fixed jib angle10, 30 
Max. rope  speed
     of winches
Hoisting winch 1m/min125/110With optional free-fall function
Hoisting winch 2125 
Derricking winch93 
Slewing speedrpm


Traveling speedkm/h0-1.57 
Max. gradeability%30With basic boom and    counterweight over front
Ground pressureMpa0.083 
Deadweightt72.8With basic boom
Crane counterweightt27 
Overall dimensions(L × W    × H)m13500×5000 (3400) ×3200With A-frame and main    boom pivot section
EngineModel WP10.270N

Weichai  Power

Rated power / rotational    speedkW/r/min199/1900 
Max. output torque    /rotational speedNm/r/min1270/1200-1500 
Exhaust emission National StageⅡ 
Distance between track    center × crawler contact length × crawler widthmm2600 ×5440×800Crawler carrier    retracted
4200 ×5440×800Crawler carrier    extended 
NoiseNoise level outside operator’s    cab during operation(dB)≤107 
Noise level in    operator’s cab during operation≤79 
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